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The Ordinary Review

Hey Lovelies!
I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween and Bonfire Night!! Now those two big days are out of the way it means that we can officially start talking about Christmas yaaayyyyyy!!!! I am going to try and get some more reviews out between now and Christmas, hopefully they will help you with your make up purchase decisions, either as a gift for someone else, or as a gift for you ;)
I bought all the products I am reviewing today wayy before my wedding. As its skin care I didn't want to just do a first impression on them, so I wanted to give them a good few weeks before I could give you guys thoughts. I have been trying these guys since 16th October and I am finally ready to give you my verdict!
The Ordinary
The Ordinary is a skin care brand that can be found on numerous beauty websites in the UK. I purchased mine from ASOS, however I recently found out some products are slightly cheaper on Beauty Bay. They are all really reasonably priced, the most expensive item I bought was…