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Kuckian Cosmetics Pigment Review!

Hey Lovelies!!! Happy New Years guys! I hope you all had a wonderful christmas and a fantastic New Years!!
I sadly had to admit defeat on blogmas, I didn't adhere to the 5 P's (Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor results) and it got wayyyy too much with all the christmas festivities! I am back now though with a review of some pretty controversial products!
John Kuckian has a drama channel on Youtube, and in November he brought out a line of cosmetics. He has always been fairly controversial with his videos, and he has always been known for causing drama within the beauty community, so when his product line launched it was hit with controversy of its own! 
I bought the pigment set when it first launched, however whilst I was waiting for them to be delivered I started seeing all the videos surrounding him and his line, and I really wish I hadn't supported him with my money!
If you type in his name in YouTube you will see video upon video on him so if you are interested in the dram…