Kuckian Cosmetics Pigment Review!

Hey Lovelies!!! Happy New Years guys! I hope you all had a wonderful christmas and a fantastic New Years!!
I sadly had to admit defeat on blogmas, I didn't adhere to the 5 P's (Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor results) and it got wayyyy too much with all the christmas festivities! I am back now though with a review of some pretty controversial products!
John Kuckian has a drama channel on Youtube, and in November he brought out a line of cosmetics. He has always been fairly controversial with his videos, and he has always been known for causing drama within the beauty community, so when his product line launched it was hit with controversy of its own! 
I bought the pigment set when it first launched, however whilst I was waiting for them to be delivered I started seeing all the videos surrounding him and his line, and I really wish I hadn't supported him with my money!
If you type in his name in YouTube you will see video upon video on him so if you are interested in the dram…

Blogmas Day 13 - Give Face Cosmetics Highlighters.

Blogmas Day 13!
Hey lovelies!!
In-keeping with my affordable beauty gifts for the christmas season I thought I would chat about an amazing little indie brand called Give Face cosmetics!
I stumbled upon these guys on instagram, as a few drag queens I follow on there are avid users of their products, so once I saw their name pop up more and more on my instagram feed I knew I had to try them! 
Give Face Cosmetics is a vegan and cruelty free brand based in the UK. All their ingredients are sourced within the EU and they use all natural ingredients so they actually help your skin rather than hinder it!
I have been collecting for quite a while so I have amassed a fair collection! If I reviewed it all in one blog I would be here until next year!

With that in mind I have decided to split it between a few blogs over the next few months 💖 Starting with the highlighters and duo chrome powders!
I am an absolute sucker for a good highlight! I am also a hoarder of any make up product that is going to mak…

Blogmas Day 11 & 12 - 5 favourite palettes!

Blogmas Day 11 & 12
Another merged day, I can't keep up with all these posts 😅
For today's blogmas post I thought I would chat about my 5 ride or die palettes! These 5 palettes are my go to palettes for my every day looks, and out of my whole collection these 5 are the ones that get the most use!

OhMyGlitter Sweetheart Palette
This palette was the first ever palette I bought from OhMyGitter and holds a really special place in my heart. This palette was the one that sparked my love of red eyeshadows! It has a beautiful set of shimmer shadows and 2 glittery shadows, in warm shades of red, orange and pink. The shadows are super pigmented and bright, and I think this is truly my favourite palette of my whole collection!

Makeup Revolution - SophDoesNails Palette
I have spoken about this palette on this blog before, so I won't waffle on about it too long. I still use this in nearly every make-up look I have done recently and it is a seriously beautiful palette!

Morphe 35O Palette A…

Blogmas Day 10 - OhMyGlitter Lipglosses

Blogmas Day 10 Day tennnnnnnn! wooooo! only 15 more days until christmasssss!!!

Running with the theme of gift giving that I have been on for the past few days, I thought I would show off some more great little stocking fillers.

I have chatted about OhMyGlitter on this blog before, and I intend to make my way through the whole cosmetic line, but today I am focussing on the lip glosses. 
OhMyGlitter is a completely homemade, vegan and cruelty free cosmetics company based in Runcorn. Her lipglosses are one of her newer products and I have all the colours currently in stock. The bottle in the middle is the packaging all her lipglosses come in now, the gold topped bottles where the limited edition packaging from when they first launched.

All the lipglosses are £10.99 and come in 5ml bottles. All the lipglosses have so much pigment in them, and all the colours are super vibrant. It's almost like putting on a shiny liquid lipstick rather than a standard gloss. There is absolutely zero stick…

Blogmas day 8 & 9! DIY Lip Balms and Lip Scrubs

Blogmas Day 8 & 9Heyyyy guys!  So I have been mad busy so I will have to use this post to cover two days eeeeek!
This is a super simple way to make lip balms and sugar scrubs. Another cute little homemade gift you could add to a gift hamper or gift set for someone this christmas!
What you need
Coconut OilBeeswaxFragrance OilMica PowderLipbalm TubesVitamin E CapsulesStep 1 Melt down 15g of beeswax and 20g of coconut oil in a bowl or jug. I do mine in the microwave but you can do it using a double boiler.

Step 2Add in your colourant of choice, I use mica powder, and fragrance oil. Add 2-3 Vitamin E capsules for extra moisture. If you are making a sugar scrub add in 1-2 tablespoons of sugar and mix well.

Step 3Pour the liquid into tubes or pots and let them set up completely. Then you can make cute labels to add to the containers and they make super cute gifts!

See you all tomorrow!!
Lots of love Jordan xxx
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Blogmas Day 7 - DIY Lotion Bars!

Blogmas Day 7! DIY Lotion Bars!
These little guys make amazing DIY Gifts and could not be simpler to make! You can make them in any shaped moulds you like, or you can even make them into deodorant sticks so they can be taken on the go! 
They look fabulous as part of a homemade hamper, and they really do moisturise your skin, saving you from dry patches during the winter months!
What you needCoconut OilShea ButterBeeswax pelletsFragrance Oilheat safe jug/bowlmoulds/containers you wish to put them in
Step 1Weigh out your Coconut Oil, Beeswax and Shea Butter. You need equal amounts of all 3, so I used 100g of each to make 3 gingerbread men shapes. Add all of these to a bowl then slowly melt until they form together. You can use a double boiler for this or the microwave!

Step 2Once everything is melted together, now is the time to add your fragrance oil. I would recommend around 5-10 drops depending on how big your batch is. If you wanted to colour them now is the time to do it. I would only reco…

Blogmas Day 6 - My Microneedling Experience

Blogmas Day 6Finally Caught up phew!
So I thought I would do today's blog on my recent experience of Microneedling. When I told my friends and family I was going to get it done the overwhelming questions I kept getting where "what is it", "why are you doing that", and "is it going to hurt".
As so many people asked the same thing, I thought I would do a quick blog about it to try and answer some of those questions!

Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment to rejuvenate the skin. A pen-like device with multiple fine needles creates tiny punctures in the top layer of the skin, which causes the body to create new collagen and elastin. Results can include improved texture and firmness of the skin, as well as a reduction in scars, pore size, and stretch marks. Microneedling may also be combined with serums, because when your treatment is done it leaves the puncture holes open and can help serums be absorbed deeper into the skin.
I chose to go for microne…