Blogmas Day 10 - OhMyGlitter Lipglosses

Blogmas Day 10 

Day tennnnnnnn! wooooo! only 15 more days until christmasssss!!!

Running with the theme of gift giving that I have been on for the past few days, I thought I would show off some more great little stocking fillers.

I have chatted about OhMyGlitter on this blog before, and I intend to make my way through the whole cosmetic line, but today I am focussing on the lip glosses. 

OhMyGlitter is a completely homemade, vegan and cruelty free cosmetics company based in Runcorn. Her lipglosses are one of her newer products and I have all the colours currently in stock. The bottle in the middle is the packaging all her lipglosses come in now, the gold topped bottles where the limited edition packaging from when they first launched.

All the lipglosses are £10.99 and come in 5ml bottles. All the lipglosses have so much pigment in them, and all the colours are super vibrant. It's almost like putting on a shiny liquid lipstick rather than a standard gloss. There is absolutely zero stickiness with these glosses as well, so no mingin strings of sticky gloss when you press your lips together.

I find that during the wear time the pigment from the gloss does last, but as any other gloss the shine wears down after a while, so if you like the super high shine look you will need to re-apply, however the actual colour lasts a super long time!

The lipglosses leave your lips feeling super smooth due to the coconut oil and vitamin e in them, plus they smell like bubblegum so what more could you want from a gloss :D for £10.99 they are a perfect little addition to a make-up lovers stocking this christmas.
These views are all totally my own, however I did get given these as Robyn is my bestie and I swap my glitter making skills for make up pretties <3

See you all tomorrow!!

Lots of love

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