Blogmas day 8 & 9! DIY Lip Balms and Lip Scrubs

Blogmas Day 8 & 9

Heyyyy guys! 
So I have been mad busy so I will have to use this post to cover two days eeeeek!

This is a super simple way to make lip balms and sugar scrubs. Another cute little homemade gift you could add to a gift hamper or gift set for someone this christmas!

What you need

  • Coconut Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Fragrance Oil
  • Mica Powder
  • Lipbalm Tubes
  • Vitamin E Capsules

Step 1

Melt down 15g of beeswax and 20g of coconut oil in a bowl or jug. I do mine in the microwave but you can do it using a double boiler.

Step 2

Add in your colourant of choice, I use mica powder, and fragrance oil. Add 2-3 Vitamin E capsules for extra moisture. If you are making a sugar scrub add in 1-2 tablespoons of sugar and mix well.

Step 3

Pour the liquid into tubes or pots and let them set up completely. Then you can make cute labels to add to the containers and they make super cute gifts!

See you all tomorrow!!

Lots of love

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